Global Human Resources Management

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Credit Units: 03

The main objective of this course is to inculcate deep understanding of International Human Resources and to explore the dynamics of global business development. It also aims at preparing students about examining significant business opportunities and maximization of returns with understanding of cross cultural management, as primary causes of failure in multinational ventures stem from lack of understanding of the essentials differences in managing human Resources, at all levels in foreign environment.

Course Contents
Module I: Internationalization Evolution of International business, Stages of internationalization, Modes of entering International business Relationship between International Strategy and SIHRM- International Human Resource Management – Major Economies and their HRM practices Module II: International Compensation Management Complexities, Objectives of International Compensation Management, Component and Structure of International Compensation package, Executive rewards and compensation, Approaches to International Compensation Management, Module III: Human Resource Professional – Molester Navigation Context for international perfect management, framework for performance management, cross-cultural issues, North America, South America, some key pointers, Northern Europe, Value based management in Nordic countries, China – the sleeping giant awakes, Japan – a culture of enfolding relationship, South East Asia regional diversity. Module IV: Understanding Cross Culture: Issues & Perspectives Understanding Culture, Key Concepts, Determinants of Cultural Identity, Frameworks for Mapping the Culture, Geert Hoefstede, Clyde Cluckhohn, TE Hall, Studies of National Culture, Managing Workforce diversity, Adjusting to the New Culture, Competencies for Global Manager

Examination Scheme
Components Weightage (%) CPA 5 TP 5 Q/S 5 A 5 ME 10 EE 70

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