Global Health Background

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Global Health: Background Brief

Kim Mitchell

Global Health: Background Brief

Global health has been defined by many organizations and used interchangeably as a goal, a condition or state and used in research, practice, and field of study. The terms that define global health refer to medical issues concerning several countries affected by transnational determinants like urbanization. The term global health highlights the vision of improving health by achieving equality in health care for all everyone through the world. An accomplishment of this magnitude would require the collaboration of stakeholders from several countries with the collaboration of individuals outside the health and sciences. Additionally, whereas the term global health may refer to a specific research or study that evolved from the twenty-first century from international health programs and disciplines of tropical medicine and hygiene the term international health focuses more on policies, health care practices, and health care systems in countries other than their own with great focus on countries that are developing, countries that have health stresses. The use of the term global health rather than international health highlights a shift in attitude emphasizing an exchange of experience and partnership between already developed and developing countries. Over the last 50 years global health has improved tremendously, life expectancy has increased more now than the past 5,000 years (Institute of medicine, 2009,p2). Although life expectancy has improved there are several countries that are behind the rest of the world on many health indicators such as life expectancy but also include indicators such as childhood underweight and maternal mortality. Additionally, developed countries have undergone epidemiological changes where non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and depression have replaced infectious diseases as the leading causes of morbidity...
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