Global Forces of Change

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization Pages: 4 (1138 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Global forces of change

Environment becomes more and more important. If someone wants to build a hotel he has to consider nature. Also the management has to consider the environment when they make decisions. Nowadays people are more sensitive when it comes to pollution, often they complain by the manager. (Die Umwelt wird immer wichtiger, auch im Tourismusbereich. Wenn man ein Hotel baut, muss man schon in der Planung die Umwelt berücksichtigen und miteinbeziehen. Das Management ist dafür verantwortlich).

There are limitations to tourism development, in terms of both physical and social carrying capacity of destinations. This becomes more and more important. They have to determine the maximum number of visitors a tourist resort/area can accommodate. This depends on the season, price, pollution, parking facilities, congestion. The perception of locals is important: prices, bank, post, parking. Prices are lower for locals, because they have a lot of side effects (pollution, loudness, etc.) The perception of tourists is different. They want that it’s not too loud, enough green area, nice resort, not overrun, etc. Prices are higher for tourists. (Der Tourismus hat angefangen die Tourismuskapazität festzustellen. Maximum der Besucher ist festzustellen. Man muss auch herausfinden wie viele Leute ein Hotel beherbergen kann. Das hängt ab vom Preis, Saison, Verschmutzung, Parkmöglichkeiten, Andrang, etc.)

The local population want to get involved in a countries tourism. They want the right to decide some things concerning tourism. (Einwohner sollen in den Tourismus miteinbezogen werden, sollten auch das Recht haben, bei einigen Dingen mitbstimmen zu dürfen.)

Tourism must strive (anstreben) to develop as a socially responsible industry. It must move proactively. They must become active and care about tourism, problems should be avoided right from the beginning. Prevention is better than cure. (Tourismus muss eine gesellschaftliche und verantwortliche Industrie...
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