Global Food Crisis

Topics: Agriculture, Food security, Green Revolution Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: October 23, 2011
The Global Food Crisis

The practice of industrial farming makes agriculture so detrimental to and at the same time depended upon for the global food crisis. To compensate for the growing population, much of our forests and other land will have to be cleared and put into commercial agriculture production. Deforestation, or paving over green space for suburban expansion will result in more surface warming. Forests have a much greater potential to sequester carbon dioxide than does monocultural, industrial agriculture and yet the demands of production will be much higher.

The ideal situation would consider the ability of a nation to feed its own people and provide for its neighbors. Subsistence farming practices could be reimplemented only on a larger scale. Preindustrial agricultural peoples throughout the world have traditionally practiced subsistence farming. As urban cities and towns grew, agricultural production became more specialized and commercial farming developed, with farmers producing a sizable surplus of certain crops, which they traded for manufactured goods or sold for cash.

The United States produces an excess amount of corn, which is grown, processed and subsidized by the U.S. and can outcompete corn from other nations has driven corn farmers from Mexico out of business. Government should stop subsidizing the farmers for growing such extreme amounts of cereal grains and encouraged smaller farmer, more diversified farms. Varying the crops produced will add health and nutrients to the soils and maximize the ideal crops for the varied agricultural regions.

Most of the U.S. fruit and vegetables we consume come from a few areas of California and Mexico; grain is grown almost exclusively in the Midwest and dairy farming happens mainly in California and Wisconsin. Thus, more diversified vegetable and grain crop farms and the diversification in the livestock growing facilities should be mandated. Instead of only a few large companies in...
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