Global Ethics

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 13 (3375 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Global Operations MGMT: Week 5 Case
Employee Ethics Program
Management 535
Kimberly Wiethoff
Texas A&M - Commerce

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for MGT 535
Professor Lloyd M. Basham
February 10, 2012

Table of Contents
Employee Ethics Programs4
Employee Ethics and Integrity5
Honesty and Integrity6
Health and Safety6
Compliance With Laws and Regulations6
Record Keeping and Reporting7
Fair Dealing7
Quality and Customer Satisfaction7
Protection and Proper use of Company Assets7
Conflicts of Interest8
Encouraging the reporting of any illegal or unethical behavior8 Waiver of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics8
Conclusion - Recommendations to the Executive Vice President9 References10
Appendix A - It Pays To Be Ethical11
Appendix B - 2011 World's Most Ethical Companies12
Appendix C - Top 10 Unethical Companies in the World15

Values and ethics are what we judge to be right individually and organizationally. Values determine what is right and what is wrong, and the action of doing what is right or wrong is called ethics. When an individual is to behaving in a manner that is consistent with what is generally considered to be right or moral, they are acting ethically (National Defense University, n.d.). In order for there to be mutual trust and respect, ethical behavior must be followed by everyone involved. Jack Welch, former chairman of GE, is a huge advocate for the major acceptance and use of ethics in business. Whenever his company was faced with an ethical dilemma that was caused by one of his employees which put GE on the wrong side of the law, Jack Welch was always cooperative with investigators. If it was found that something with one of the companies employees put the company at risk, he would accept the guilt and make the appropriate corrective actions to remedy the situation. This ethical and moral activity served GE well in their business dealings and gave the company a reputation of being ethical and just in their dealings with society (Dempster, n.d.). See appendix B for a list of the World's most ethical companies. It is important to raise the awareness of employees for the need to have high ethical standards. Companies spend a great amount of resources to select qualified candidates for its open employee positions which is usually based on accomplishments and achievements. It is just as important to choose candidates who display high levels of integrity and ethics who will serve the company well in the decisions they will make for the company. This paper presents a discussion on what an employee ethics program is, what should be included and the importance of having a code of ethics for the company employees and officers to follow. The document concludes with a recommendation on a code of ethics to be used in the company.  

Employee Ethics Programs
Employee ethics are based on a set of moral and ethical values which include honesty, integrity, responsibility, quality, trust, respect, teamwork, leadership, corporate citizenship, and shareholder value. Successful companies know the value of employee ethics and are responsible for setting the standards for employees to follow and employees are responsible for acting ethically whether or not it is specifically stated in an ethics document. Every day employees are faced with situations that may or may not fall into the category of being ethical. Each time this happens the employee should ask if what they are doing is legal, is a win-win situation for both the company and the employee, and if they would make the same decision to act a certain way if someone they respected were watching. A code of ethics is a formal document outlining specific behavioral expectations for the company and the people who work for the company. Why have a code of ethics policy? There are several reasons why it is important for companies to come up with an...
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