Global Ethic Standards

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Developing country Pages: 10 (3531 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Globalisation had brought new and common standard for worldwide. The norm, consumption attitude, believes and personal preference had been made into common. The global process shows fast growing speed make business communication becomes more multicultural. It also leads to complex condition in business. The growing need for cross culture ethic that require more regulations such as equal treatment, work safety guarantee and environment friendly policy. Under the globalisation trend, economic links are growing and changing every day. Some rapid change can be found in economic alliances, investment, workplace environment, modern technology and global customer preference. Development of technologies is so fast (Seilius, Šimanskienė, 2006; Thomas, 2008). Modern technologies become available even for underdeveloped country (Bannock, 2005). The increasing global business brings the relative low price and more choice for global customer. However, some conflict like cross culture issues such as management, market strategy setting, employee treatment and CSR (Cooperate social responsibilities). It is necessary to handle that in a suitable way. Under the different ethic standard influenced by different culture, if the manager set the wrong plan it may cause culture myopia. As a result, the company will waste large resources and lose big. Another reason for increasing need for cross culture ethic setting is migration. Some people with knowledge and skill leave their native countries because of better living and working conditions. As they joined multinational companies to do international business, they must follow some common ethic by communication skill or respect native culture. Racial tensions may happen some time if the conflict can’t settle in a good position. In fact, there is rare ethic conflict for global customers directly. At the aspect of product, company had already chosen different segment strategy for different target market globally. The purpose of this paper is to discuss whether the global ethic will be accepted. First, the various definitions of ethics and relevant related concept will be discussed. An extend topic for the role of global ethic also included. Later, we argue why the ethic standard cannot be followed, it will be discussed in three levels as industry, individual and social. In the final section, the challenge universal ethic standard at global environment will be covered.

A global ethic can be defined as an ethical perspective according to which there are significant ethical relations between countries and between individuals living in different societies. Those ethics normally combined universal values, obligations in global area. Different culture forms different ideology at different societies. Culture refers to the norms, values, and beliefs of a particular group or community in a particular area or geographic location, and shared by its members (Hofstede, 1980). It refers to the norms and value systems can influence the members to behave in a particular way considered acceptable by the other members in the group. To some point, culture is the source for people to behave, which set the basic rules for their ethic base line. More than that, the religion also play important role in ethic standard setting. As doing business, the customer and partner were always involved people have different believes. It is significantly important to know their taboo and respect their belief. Followed by those common rules, the trade will obvious show positive result. Magill (1992) mentioned that personal religiosity provides a basic foundation to understand the nature of one’s ethical behaviour. Weaver and Agle (2002) asserted that religiosity is known to have an influence on human attitudes and behavior. This behavior is influenced by religious self-identity, which was formed as a result of the internalization of the role expectations offered by the religion. The potential influence from religion on personal...
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