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Module 5 –

Parenting the Unborn, Newborn and the Baby:
A guide to the module
Introduction and Overview
At this point in your study of the parental role, you should have a fairly clear idea of who the parent is and what is expected of parents. You should also be aware of the variety of ways parents can use to fulfill their role. Finally you have learned a process for thinking through how parents can go about determining how they want to parent. Using this process parents are guided by their beliefs and values. They also take into consideration such factors as their children's temperament pattern and learning style. With this background we now start looking at the parent role during different stages of development. With each stage you will find that the parent role stays the same but how it is implemented changes as the child changes. During each module you will be asked to list what parents can and should be doing to facilitate their child's development. You will also be asked about issues and possible situations parents frequently face. You should draw on your readings as well as your experiences to support your responses. Be sure to document your readings.

During this module, you will learn:
•What parents can do to protect their unborn child. •How parents can prepare for nurturing their child. •Multiple ways parents can meet the baby’s basic needs. •What the infant is trying to understand and what skills the infant is trying to master. •What babies can learn that will facilitate their future growth. •Ways parents can support their children’s efforts to learn and to become competent.

Copyright Harriet Heath, Ph.D. 2010 in consultation with Dana McDermott

To introduce you to infancy the following video is of a baby having a massage. It introduces you to infants and to a procedure that can be very powerful in helping a parent develop a relationship with her infant. Assignment 5.1 Write a detailed objective observation of an infant being massaged. One objective of this assignment is to introduce you to young infants. Another is to demonstrate an infant massage. Write the observation as if you were going to teach a massage technique. Include the details that are expected to be found in any observation that is to inform a person who did not witness the event. (Review Heath, 1998, 2011, on Observing.) View the video and then write your observation.

Read to learn more about this stage of development Pg. 97-104, Parent-child relations: An introduction to parenting. 7th ed. Bigner, J. (2006). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. (See attached file.) Chapters 6 and 7 in Brooks, J. (2010). The process of parenting. New York, NY: McGraw- Hill. (Assigned text) Chapters 1 - 3 in Greenspan, S. with Lewis, N. (2000). Building healthy minds: The six experiences that create intelligence and emotional growth in Copyright Harriet Heath, Ph.D. 2010 in consultation with Dana McDermott

babies and young children. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Books. (Assigned text) Developmental Charts - Unborn, Newborn and Baby; Heath (2010), (See attached file.) This chart is very detailed because there is so much fascinating development occurring that is very observable. Remember the chart is not a listing of milestones of achievements but a list of what the infant is striving to master. Assignments: Complete the following drawing from your reading and your experiences. Assignment 5.2: Parent Role During Pregnancy Synthesize the reading material and write a couple of paragraphs about what parents can do during pregnancy to increase their chances of having a healthy baby. Assignment 5.3: Parental Role Reflections Using Heath's developmental chart, write a list of ten ways parents can support their infant's needs and developing abilities. Use your description of the parenting role to be sure you are using all of its components. Draw from your reading and the book summaries from module 3. Report the sources of your ideas using APA form. Assignment...
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