Global Effect of Leadrship Cultural and Economic Change

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Leaders of the Future will be more innovative, diverse, and values-oriented. They will come countries with a high growth potential outside of North America, Europe, India and China, places were leaders also must address obstacles such as poverty or environmental degradation, regardless of the sector or the focus of their expertise.

United States of America has a great strength in diversity. There are a few countries in the world that can claim a workforce as diverse, innovative and driven. Our talent pool is rich in culture, language and ideas that have made the U.S. the world’s leader in the development of new technologies. However, we are not reaching our full potential, because not every member of our society has equal access to the innovation economy.

In order for the U.S. to sustain and grow their competitiveness in this rapid changing global market, it needs to make sure to leverage the diversity of its workforce. According to the Eisenhower Executive Office in Washington, D.C. A national dialogue on inclusive economic competitiveness is emerging. Over two hundred leaders from the business, non –profit, government, education and tech worlds recently met to discuss how they can ensure all Americans, including those from underserved and underrepresented communities, will have the opportunity to successfully compete in the technology sector of our economy.

Global Leadership is changing due to its international competition and shift in the global balance of power to Asia and to the rise of global middle class. India and China are rapidly becoming world powers, Asian management practices and models are becoming more influential, and emerging nation are increasingly trading between themselves. Despite the rise of a global middle class, regional markets are behaving more idiosyncratically with local regionalization. And making the global business world riskier which creates greater problems with volatility, increasing financial crises, pandemics, international organized crime and cyber-terrorism. THE EFFECT OF TECHNOLOGY EXPANSION ON GLOBAL LEADERSHIP will improve the ECONOMIC change in the United States and internationally. By overcoming Organizational implications by adapting the global strategies for local markets. Successfully managing the competing demands of global and local will depend on the extent to which they foster local participation in decision-making, create culturally diverse leadership teams and encourage cross-country and cross-functional collaboration.

The strategic thinking and cognitive skill leaders will need to navigate this new world order are unprecedented. Good implementation and execution are no long enough, if, indeed, they were. As well as being multilingual, flexible, internationally mobile and adaptable, and culturally sensitive. Leaders will also need to be highly collaborative and strong conceptual and contextual thinkers. Additionally, they will need the ability to lead diverse teams, over which they may have no direct authority, and to find new ways of engendering personal loyalty in environment where the old loyalties between employer and employee are declining to the distance between them.

The leadership task is now more than ever too big for any individual to handle on their own, making collaboration among a range of different people is essential. The days when one or two “heroes” sat at the top of an organization dictating strategy are well and truly over. THE EFFECT OF TECHNOLOGY EXPANSION ON CULTURAL AND ECONOMIC LEADERSHIP

It is quite clear that small indigenous societies have not been the only ones experiencing rapid, dramatic culture change over the last century. People in all societies have faced unprecedented changes in their lives. There has been a globalization of economies so that the entire world is now economically tied together by complex webs of interdependence. Most manufactured items that we buy have components produced in...
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