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Global Dilemmas

By | May 2010
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Business Communication Trends
Pamela Smith
Professor Chawn Williams, Instructor
May 1, 2010
University of Phoenix

Business depends on communication in order to communicate planned productions and services, hire, train, motivate workers; coordinate projects, persuade customers to buy and a host of other items. Organizations may it be non-profit, government or private sector depend on various types of communication within their operation to deliver their information and services to the proper source to become successful. There are ten trends in business that affect business communications such as technology, electronic tools, Social net-working tools, and many others. This paper will broaden your insight of the current trends in business communication in my day-to-day activities, current and previous workplaces and the results of the message types. Roles of Communication

Communication is the key in business and in today’s world there are a lot of new trends that are helping businesses with communication.   The way other businesses view a business is set by the communication level that a certain business sets off. No matter what kind of job a person has, they use communication as the key to all their success.   In today’s world there are ten trends in communication that are taking businesses by storm, they include: Technology, teamwork, entrepreneurship, legal and ethical trends, balancing professional and private life, flexibility in work, diversity, globalization and outsourcing, focus on quality and customers needs, and the rapid rate of change (Locker & Kienzler, 2008). In current businesses and throughout the world communication roles have changed. In my day-to-day activities there are many more tools available to communicate information and services. There is technology which the business world embraces to help increase productivity and save money. The technology advancement provides instant contact with a click of...

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