Global Crimes Analysis

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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Global Crimes Analysis

Krystal Guajardo


January 30, 2012
Christopher DeRicco

Global Crimes Analysis

The United States is known around the world for its extremely high crime rates and it’s over populated prison system, but crime happens everywhere around the world. Crime unfortunately happens in every country, crosses borders and affects national and international justice systems. This paper will discuss some of the major global crimes happening across the world today and the different international justice processes in various countries. Finally to be discusses; the different avenues taken by law enforcement to combat some of these global crimes. As mentioned above no one is safe from crime all countries have problems with it. Crime becomes an international community problem when it transcends borders. Crimes such as drug trafficking, terrorism, alien and contraband smuggling, fraud, extortion, money laundering, bribery, gangs, economic espionage, intellectual property theft, and counterfeiting and cybercrime are major crimes affecting international justice systems ("International Crime Control Strategy", 2003). Mexican and Colombian drug traffickers import marijuana, cocaine and other drugs on a daily basis across American borders as well as into other countries. Mexico and Latin America are not the only countries that traffic drugs. A large portion of Southwest Asian heroin is consumed in Western Europe, Pakistan, and Iran, traffickers operating from Middle Eastern locations smuggle heroin into urban neighborhoods in the United States ("Almanac Of Policy Issues", 2003). Another type of international crime is cybercrime. Cybercrimes are committed from a computer or a network and are different from most other crimes. According to McConnell International (2000), “They are easy to learn how to commit; they require few resources relative to the potential damage caused; they can be committed in a jurisdiction...
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