Global Crime

Topics: Illegal drug trade, Heroin, Opium Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: April 26, 2010
Global Crime

Global crime is a serious threat to our global community. Every year global crime gets worst. Our advancements in technology not only helps and betters us, it also helps and betters global crime. I will discuss two of the major global crimes drug trade and piracy.

The global drug trade is probably the most sought after global crime by authorities. The global drug trade industry is a multi billion-dollar industry. Drugs are produced everywhere in the world but the bulk of drugs come from a few countries. The Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle produce most of the opium poppies that produce heroin. Cocaine comes mainly from South America. Marijuana is produced in most countries since it’s easy to grow.

The heroin producing countries, which are known as the Golden Triangle (Burma, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos), and the Golden Crescent (Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran) are mostly third-world countries. The drug trade helps their economies and brings more money into their country. The drug dealers in these countries are looked to as good people because they are the ones that are taking care of the people that the corrupt governments are not. The drug dealers are rebuilding schools and parks while the governments are worried about themselves. The amount of money involved in the drug trade in just North Korea is estimated at about $500 million a year. The people that the drug trade is helping are the poor farmers in these countries that can’t make money because of the protectionist policies that major countries have in place to protect their own farmers. So these poor farmers in poor states turn to producing drugs to provide for themselves. But there are also many people that are harmed by the drug trade and its effects on other people, economies, and countries.

The only people that global crime helps are the people running the show. The rest of us are reaping the harms not the benefits a select few receive. Global crime does bring in billions of...
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