Global Company Is Morally Obligated to Add Mustard Seed Oil with Respect to Their Glue

Topics: Rights, Morality, Negative and positive rights Pages: 6 (1806 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Final Case Analysis Assignment

Course: Adms 3660 Professor: Mark Schwartz Section: B Student name: Student number: Date: Augest 1st 2012 Global Company is morally obligated to add mustard seed oil with respect to their glue. Moral Standards:

1. Core ethical values:
A) Trustworthiness:
Honest: Global Company should be honest to all of its stakeholders about its products’ dangers and risk. They need to fully disclose to stakeholders the dangers of inhaling the glue and not to misrepresent the fact of its products. However, the company is not honest in making false statement show adding mustard seed oil is less effective and can be carcinogenic. However there is no such study to prove it. Integrity: The firm should be acted consistently according to the firm’s stated values of principles. Global company’s credo on its website is to improve the quality of life in local communities and inspire on tomorrow’s innovators today by supporting education and leadership development for the youth. It should be consistent with the firm’s business behaviours. However, the company sell glue without adding addictive in Central America that potential lead more kids become addicted to inhale glue and causing harm and ruin their lives. Transparency: This firm must be fully disclosed sufficient relevant information on timely basis for interested stakeholders to properly judge the action of the firm and to have better decision making. B) Responsibility:

The Company should be accountable for its products causing harm to kids’ health, life and safe issues. It is not only just doing what they are supposed to do, but they should be accountable for their products harming to others. This needs to accept faults, apologize for the lack of caring and never do it again in the future. However, this company not only not admit its faults, but also blame to others like local government and other competitive companies are also responsible to the harm for kids. However, no matter what responsibility should other entities have, this company should also take responsibility for its defaults. C) Caring:

The Company needs to avoid unnecessary harm by adding protective additive in glue to reduce the numbers of kids inhaling. This case is similar to installment of seatbelts in a car. It is only a small cost for a company but it can prevent numbers of people get injured and save their lives from car accidences. If this company do a bit caring like the car industries, it will reduce the numbers of addicted kids, and also avoid those kid potentially be swept in an undertow of unfair treatments by local police. The company can just do it by a simply step to better protect its customers and give caring to local kids. Furthermore, they need to sensitive to those mercies kids’ feelings of suffer the pain of illness and loss. D) Citizenship:

Companies need to obey the law no matter them doing what business in which countries. This company conduct business in Center America need to obey those countries’ law and assist its local community to be a good citizenship. This required the firm to add mustard seed oil in its products to prevent kids there get addicted and provide a more care to youth there to meet local communities’ interest. In addition, the company use false information of shown that the mustard seed oil had a short shelf...
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