Global Climate Change

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Natural gas Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: February 24, 2013
There are four major factors when it comes to nature causing climate changes; volcanic eruptions, ocean currents, earth orbital changes, and solar variations. There are three major factors when it comes to humans causing climate changes; transportation, deforestation, and fossil fuels to generate energy. Volcanic eruptions can cause the climate to change. When a volcano erupts tiny particles called aerosols shoot into the atmosphere. These tiny particles reflect solar energy into space and cool the earth. Also when a volcano erupts; sulphur dioxide, water vapor, dust, and ash go into the atmosphere and it can cool the atmosphere. Another natural effect on climate is from ocean currents. Ocean currents carry large amounts of heat across the earth. The ocean current pulls warm water toward the poles and brings it towards the equator. When the currents push back out towards the pole it brings with it warm water. Since water evaporates it can pull with it carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The third effect is the earth’s orbital change. The earth is tilted on a 23.5-degree axis. When the tilt of the earth changes it could bring colder winters and warmer summers or mild winters and cooler summers. Even if the tilt is a small change over a long period of time, these changes could become great and create an ice age. The last natural effect is solar radiation. The sun’s output could cause very small changes, but over a large period of time the solar variations could become a threat. Scientists have not seen a rise in high temperatures because of solar radiation. They have seen cooling in the upper atmosphere and a warming at the surface. This is because most of the greenhouse gases have be caught in the lower atmosphere near the surface causing the climate to change. Although each of these contribute to climate change and are a big part of natural becoming, humans are still at blame when it comes to the climate changing. One major factor is transportation. This is...
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