Global Civil Society

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Essay Plan
To what extent is “Global Civil Society” a force for good in the world? This essay is asking to thoroughly examine the evidence that supports my argument. I am going to argue that the statement is partially accurate. * What is global civil society

* How did it come about
* What are its theoretical approaches
* How does it impact the world
* Is this good or bad

1. What is global civil society
"Global Civil Society" refers to the vast assemblage of groups operating across borders and beyond the reach of governments.The sheer ambiguity of the term cannot be overstated, consequently no agreed definition exists. The total heterogeneity of groups, activities, and networks that make up global civil society – non-profit organizations, businesses, social movements, academics, ethnic and linguistic groups, and so on threatens to make the term a description of everything and nothing.What is clear however is that, GCS allows us to see the globalisation from ‘bottom’ the perspective of the ordinary folk. This essay seeks to determine the extent to which GCS is a force for good in the world. The first section of this paper will give an over what exactly constitutes Global Civil Society. In the second section, an examination of its impact on the world against what its supporters claim it will do. The third section will argue that although Global Civil Society does some good for the world, its negative implications cannot and should not be ignored. 2. How did it come about

Global Civil Society both a normative and descriptive content let us for a minute consider its descriptive content. Mary Kaldor in the Idea of Global Civil Society attempts to characterise global civil society. She articulates its long history and how the concept of civil society has developed over time. Although a recount of the history of civil society will be intellectually nourishing, it is not important to this paper; rather a focus on the “global” part of civil...
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