Global Challenges and Pakistan

Topics: Globalization, Economics, Poverty Pages: 14 (2772 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Dancing around the fire is not the solution to any problem. One should try to see beneath the surface in order to grasp an idea about the basic issue. Despite a stream of stung words and announcements made by the previous governments of Pakistan, there is a woeful neglect in accepting the challenges of the present millennium rather the situation has taken a quantum leap for the worse.

On the other hand there are the most exciting times in the perspective of progress ever observed in the recorded history of mankind. All countries of the world are making the progress in almost all aspects of life. These countries are working hard to face the challenges of 21st century. The world in which we are living has become the world of information and technology. The old concept of ruling the world with power has completely changed by the disintegration of soviet union in the last decade of the previous century. The progress speeds of many countries are remarkable.

China got independence two years after Pakistan but it has increased its speed of development up to a great extent. Today china is enjoying the status of world’s second fastest growing economy post Mayo, china has established an all time global record in doubling its per capita income between 1977 and 1987

The world has become a global village. The distances have been reduced up to an appreciable extent. In America the people have started a new practice. The high officials do not go to the offices.

They control majority of their official matters through computers. This helps them a lot in saving their precious times which they would have wasted in travelling.

he countries like Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are working very hard. This hard work has enabled them to face the challenges of current millennium in a very dignified way. These countries have made development up to this extent that it has become a far cry for Pakistan to assimilate whit their stands.

These countries have achieved this position of stabilization through their appropriate economic strategies, good educational policies, sprit of patriotism and excellent foreign policies.

The rate of progress in order to face the challenges of new century is also very high in India as compared to Pakistan. The Indian people have really done wonders in the field of information technology.The Indian economy has become very strong. India has also been benefited from the female employment ratio in the country. The women are also working with the men in almost all the professions.

The world has made progress in many fields at a massive rate. In the above mentioned facts and development made by the various countries, it can he easily analyzed that where do Pakistan stand? How Pakistan has prepared itself to face the challenges of the newly started millennium? Some efforts were also made in Pakistan to made some progress in the last decade of the previous century but those could not become result oriented due to self-centered access and sift handed complements from the advisors of the rules.

The continuous change in the leadership of the country proved very harmful for the growth in all the fields. In the beginning of 1990’s the government of Nawaz Sharif took some steps in order to improve the infra structure of the country. He established the Motorway project in collaboration with the Daewoo company in order to improve the means of communication. He also facilitated the people of Narwhal with a new telephone exchange He also tried to introduce a self employment scheme in the form of “Yellow cab” in which the taxi cars were provided to the educated youngsters on very easy and affordable installments. The purpose was to enhance the employment ratio in the country but this scheme also met the failure because many of his party members utilized this scheme for their own benefit.

In 1930 when Mrs. Benazir Bhutto got the rule, she started a welfare program me for general masses under the...
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