Global Business Strategy for Managing Marketing: the Case of Coca-Cola Company

Topics: Marketing, Culture, Coca-Cola Pages: 19 (7230 words) Published: February 8, 2010
Wycliffe H. Odiwuor
Global Business Strategy for Managing Marketing: the Case of Coca-Cola Company)
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"Innovation is certainly always part of the Coca-Cola Company and is why they advertise different styles of bottles, prints on cans, and items which do not have anything to do with a drink such as stuffed animals, T-shirts and caps. Producing different kinds of products involve technology. If a new product is planned to be launched, not only research for demand and possible sales prices should be conducted through an opportunity analysis. In order to be cost efficient and at least break-even, the kind of production line and machinery needed to produce the item has to be assessed and analyzed. A detailed business plan should show the strengths and weaknesses in order to help managers and executives in the decision making process, also called SWOT analysis. At that point, an idea can become a goal. Technology also helps to communicate the plan via information technology such as e-mail and inter-/intranet to the people who make it happen. Management needs to plan for the skills necessary to accomplish the task." "The culture of the company is thus one that is wedded to its own past and informed by its own self-age as an embodiment of American enterprising excellence. "Further, the company is not beyond drawing faith from its successes in the past after previous reversals. For instance, although Coke appears to be going through somewhat of a fallow period at the moment, close observers are quick to point out that Coke has rebounded from adversity in the past. Although it is not clear how much Coke reminds workers of how the organization has come back from the brink in the past, the corporate culture is certainly one predicated upon showing an organizational history of success and fortitude." History of *C*oca *C*ola

Coca-Cola as it was introduced was cocaine based wine and was a huge success throughout the United States. Its battle to fame was a long and treacherous route, impeded by Pepsi and government interference. Still the Coke lived on, it now had a bottling company in every large city and is in no way slowed by downfalls any longer. The result of the success of the monopolist coke was subsidiaries being formed and the business or industry of coke growing at an alarming rate. Most beverage companies are sprouts of Coca-Cola; one sprout is Grapette who also made a big boom in the beverage industry with their alarmingly tasty beverage Grapette. Others followed this example and tried to "make a name for themselves." The formula used by coke was its cornerstone. It was these secrets that keep them in the head of the industry. From the beginning the formula was passed done from generation to generation by only relatives. Containing the secret that changed Americans way of life this formula presented an interest most people intended to find out about. In every company their formula is like their key and without it they are lost. On to the bottling method and tactics that coke used to further sell its outstanding products. With the help of modern day advertising and mass communication, coke again cornered the market because "Coke is the right thing" and "Always Coca-Cola". Bottles were another thing altogether they were the package everyone held and felt down to the last drop. Bottlers' used their package as a catchy and simplistic final touch defining their product. Coke's famous artist who produced the cans and bottles with Santa on them was the first to illustrate Santa in a red robe before it had always been a young man dressed in blue. All big companies had to start somewhere as did coke. Their founders were three guys who were all salesmen trying to sell one another products and the option of going together to start up the beverage company of coke. Next comes the constant pressure of having to deal with outside interference such as the government in their...
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