Global Business Situation and Opportunity Analysis

Topics: Solar energy, Renewable energy, Alternative energy Pages: 6 (2084 words) Published: May 1, 2013
* Executive Summary
This report is about the strategy, planning and opportunity to invest another country which is Sao Paulo, Brazil. The research talk that there are not many types of solar power in this country, especially the solar box cooker. Also, the Brazil economy has been grown fast in recently, and the population of Sao Paulo is over 10 million. There has a sunny light through a year which is similar the home country of company, Australia For this reason, the Rainbow Power Company, which is manufacture, and supply renewable energy equipment, will invest to produce the solar box cooker. Also, this product will base on 4 C’s of new product to develop in Brazil such as company, consumers, competitive and collaborators.

* Introduction
Nowadays, around the world have a lot of manufactures and distributor of renewable energy equipment that based on helping the environment and less then population. For that reason, this report will talk about Rainbow Power Company Ltd whom will produce the solar energy, particularly solar box cooker. Moreover, it is going to tell about the strategy, planning and opportunity to invest another country which is Sao Paulo, Brazil. Furthermore, there is the only one of this product in this market if Rainbow Power Company wants to invest.

* Company Structure, Capabilities and Resources
Rainbow Power Company Ltd is opened in 1987. They are doing design, manufacture, and supply renewable energy equipment with solar, wind and hydro energy sources. Moreover, the company has been a major character of increasing use of renewable energy both in overseas countries and Australia. The company has enthusiastic and lots experienced workforce, with good equipped and complete range of products and services have provided with a strong foundation so that the business intend to continue to grow. Additionally, Rainbow Power Company Ltd is a unique company structure. They are much similar a co-operative with respect to employee participation. Also, the number of staffs could become shareholders and the aim to remain an exciting, satisfying and innovative place to work for and with.

* Products/ Markets/ Distribution & Supply.
The company is one of the large distributors of batteries and solar panels in Australia. In the current market, there are many types of sales in this business such as the sales can be handled by a variety of re-sellers around the country and through the shop. Also, consumers can be able to online shop and mail order services. Besides that, the suppliers are with access to the latest technologies so that are an excellent support to Rainbow Power Company whom is able to be a competitor in all its products and services. There is an advantage of this business which is not only supplying renewable energy products, but also offers information and education on renewable energy systems such as consultation, training courses, practical information on the website, and newsletters. (Environment directory, 2013) Additionally, the Company's headquarters, which is in Northern of New South Wales on the East coast of Australia, are powered by a 10 kW feed solar array with battery back-up. As can be seen the table below, which is showed the comparison over 3 years (2010 – 2013) in Rainbow Power Company.

Source: Rainbow Power Company, 2013
Moreover, in the export and overseas, Rainbow Power Company is a business partner of Sundaya which manufactures of high quality lighting in many countries. And Rainbow Power Company Ltd exports around 30% of its products and services to a lot of countries in the Pacific region. Their power of export in these locations is for medical clinics, home lighting, community centers, schools, communications projects for village water pumping. Moreover, the staffs have undertaken training courses and consultancy projects in several countries such as Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Kiribati and Brazil. (Rainbow Power Company, 2013) Some of the solar...
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