Global Business Relations Reading Report

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  • Published : August 18, 2012
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|Government-Business Relations Reading Report | | | | | |Student Name: | | | |Tutorial : | |Reading full reference|van Acker E. 2009. ‘Political Parties and Party Systems’, in Politics for Business Students: A Comparative Introduction, | | |edited by R. Eccleston, R. Hollander, E. van Acker and P. Williams. Sydney: Pearson Education, chapter 5.87-111. | |Main point(s) made by |The author defines political parties as 'a range of organised political groups with different support base, objectives and | |the author(s) |ideologies' and classifies the political systems as dominant, two-party or multi-party. | | |And then, the author also described how political parties operate in the US, Japan and Sweden. In United State, there are two | | |dominant parties, the Democrats and the republicans, which compete against each other and win almost all the votes between | | |them. And in Japan, it has remained virtually one-party state, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), since 1955.Even this party | |...
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