Global Business Plan

Topics: European Union, Italy, Italian language Pages: 26 (9711 words) Published: September 15, 2008
Executive Summary
Moto-Europe Tours has sought to fill a niche in the tour guide industry. The founders of this business venture saw a need to expand the company’s operations globally. Moto-Europe Tours is a business venture with the goal of expanding tour experiences to Italy and its surrounding countries. The stabilization of Italy’s government, its inviting culture and close ties with the U.S. are factors that make opportunities for Moto-Europe Tours to expand ideal. This report contains the following: a Statement of Purpose, Regional Analysis and Host Country Analysis. Moto-Europe Tours’ objectives and a discussion of Italy’s political, cultural and economic situations are presented. The business analysis will integrate all the factors necessary for consideration in order to make Moto-Europe Tours’ business venture a reality.

Final Global Business Plan
Statement of Purpose
Description of Organization
Moto-Europe Tours provides tour experiences to motorcycle enthusiasts who want to experience Italy’s beautiful countryside, culture, local cooking and wine, and Italian customs. Individuals will be able to tour solo or as a group with a customized itinerary. Excursions can be added to enhance the customers’ Italian experience including wine making and tasting, shopping for and cooking a meal, and cultural sights. Strategic Goals

The strategic goal is to expand the existing company, Moto-America Tours, into the European tour market by specializing initially in Italy and later expanding into France, Spain and Portugal. Vision Statement

To be the premier motorcycle touring company in Italy for people who want to travel as temporary Italians with a motorcycle as the mode of transportation. Mission Statement
Moto-Europe Tours will use tradition and experience to guide and encourage motorcycle enthusiasts to explore the Italian countryside with the best of motorcycles and first class services in the leisure motorcycle tour industry. Moto-Europe Tours’ Service Description

This company will design a customized itinerary for groups and individuals who would like to experience Italy on two wheels. Tours can be guided or independent, depending on the riders’ preferences. Guided tours will include a bilingual guide who will provide insight to Italy’s sights, culture and language. A chase vehicle and driver are included in the group packages to provide the convenience for carrying extra luggage, and to provide an extra person and vehicle in the event of an unexpected occurrence. Guides will know general motorcycle mechanics and first aid. Independent tours will provide a general itinerary and map so that the experience can be at the rider’s pace. Options are available along with a variety of experiences to make one’s experience in Italy an unforgettable one. Host Country Synopsis

Map of Italy (Kwintessential, n.d.)
Italy’s stable political environment and close partnership with the U.S. are strong incentives for businesses to expand their products and services. Italy’s magnificent country scenery and rich culture make Moto-Europe Tours an inviting compliment to the country’s tourist attractions. Other than the touring the usual tourist spots, Moto-Europe Tours can enhance the Italian experience by providing opportunities to explore local areas and peoples. With Italy’s few natural resources and extensive reliance on imports, Moto-Europe Tours can be a boon to the country’s local economy. Traveling as temporary Italians in this beautiful country would lend support to Italy’s culture and promote business relationships with native Italians. Regional Analysis

The European Union (EU) is dedicated to improving the economic assimilation and increasing relationships with the members. The EU consisted of seven different countries and five more joined afterwards. Today, the EU consists of 25 different countries comprising of 20 different languages. EU’s headquarters is located in Brussels, Belgium (Wikipedia,...
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