Global Business Communication

Topics: Japan, Culture, Cross-cultural communication Pages: 9 (3927 words) Published: March 9, 2013
In this era, if we want to have a business or doing business. We have to do analysis first. What kind of partner that we want to have, what kind of business style that they have. For example the way they are greeting, the way they are doing a deal, the custom, and the communications style that they have, also the rules and the given conditions from them. In order to help people more easier to determind or choose the partner, i make this paper. Because it’s not easy when it comes to choose the good partner that we can trust. We have to look more carefuly and do some anlysis first about our future partner before we want to have deal or negotiation. By that way, it can help us to avoiding and reduce the risk of being cheating.

In this paper, i’d like to make three pairs country that will be doing business or partnering to each other. First pair that i’d like to analysis is Indonesia – China, second is U.K - German, and the last is Japan – America. I’ll do some analysis every pair, describe one or more value in each pair, for example such as the way they are greeting to each other and type of communications that they will use it in negoitiations. Also about the challenging that they will face it when they are doing partnership together. And not forget to analysis the benefit and the weakness from the factor itself. I expect this paper can be informative or be the reference for the people who wants to choose their furture partner. Help them to make analysis about they future partner, because in this paper i’ll try to elaborate one or more factors that impact the behavior and culture in the certain countries.

Chapter 2
2.1 Indonesia – China
First pair that i choose is Indonesia – China. Both of them are developing country. Indonesia and China have same system in dealing with someone. They are using Relationship Focus and also about their communicating style are the same (Indirect Language) (Anne Fross) (Inside Chinese Business, 1999-2010), but it’s not always they can easily to be partnering. So first i want to show the communication style and dealing style between Indonesia – China, and the challenges that they will face it when they are doing business together.

So, the people from China when they are dealing something or having a business with someone they will prefer do it with their “kolega” or their families. Because they think their “kolega” or their families can be more trusted rather than looking for new partner. China really appreciate and value about the face-to-face contact (Chan, 2012). When people wants to make a deal with china, they should come directly to meet China. And the communication style that China using is Indirect Language, means they are not dircetly say what they want to say. They will show with their gestures and body languages, sometimes when they said yes, they didn’t really mean it (15 Ways To Do Better Business In China, 2001). When we have meeting with China, we have to be on time and China did love to be the one who leave meeting room first (Chinese Business Etiquette, Manners, Cross Cultural Communication, and China Great Hofstede Analysis, 1998 - 2012). What about Indonesia? Generally Indonesia also using Relationship Focus and Indirect Language (Gesteland, 2012). Indonesia like doing business with their own family or from their close friends. Just like China, they think it will be more safe and can be more trusted. When indonesia in the middle of negotiation or dealing something, they usually not out spoken like western. They will use indirect language in order to deliver what their purpose or what they want to say (Challenges od Doing Business in Indonesia, 2010). Both of them really value the mannerity and the politeness it’s because most of Asian’s Countries include Indonesia and China are lack of observance of hierarchical as their basic root of the behavior.

Benefit and Weakness
But, Relationship Focus (RF) and Indirect Langauge surely will have...
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