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Topics: Venture capital, Brazil, Culture of Brazil Pages: 32 (8977 words) Published: February 13, 2006
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Executive Summary1


Business Opportunity2

Country Analysis3

SWOT Analysis10

Product Concept10


Financial Sources14

Information Sources16

Business and Political Risks16

Entry Strategy17

Marketing Strategy18

Financial Results20

Business Success21

Exit Strategy22


Executive Summary

Global Connections' mission is to be known for connecting the world to the Internet. Brazil needs to be connected and Global Connections is the company to facilitate that move forward. In conjunction with the government, Global Connections will alleviate digital divide.

Global Connections plan is to provide expert direction to the Brazilian government in the development of local and regional Internet telecenters, oversee management of the local operations at these sites, and recruit and train local employees to for continued management. Our product is designed to provide management support in every stage of the project then provide ongoing consultation and support.

These telecenters can also provide range of services from telemedicine for remote areas of the Amazon to e-government services. Our telecenters will benefit from being part of a large network under a single management system that can share experience and best practices. This will provide the Brazilian population with a chance to become integrated in the digital age.

Global Connections will connect the people of Brazil to the world through Internet techonology. We will succeed where others have not. Together with the progressive mandate from the Brazilian government, Global Connections will facilitate the integration of nearly every corner of Brazil into the global digital community while offering some relief from high unemployment and low school attendance rates.


The Internet as a means of communication and acquiring information is a fundamental right and should be accessible to all. There is so much value to be found on the Internet and access networks millions of people around the world. In addition to research and data collection, many people see the Internet as having the potential to alleviate the problems of faulty healthcare, education, social problems, hygiene, etc, all which result from poverty. With the Internet, even the poor will become connected to the world.

Business Opportunity

The Internet in Brazil has a very short history and not until 1995 did the government of Brazil pass a law that made it legal to use the computer for personal use1. Despite that, less than 10 percent of Brazil's population has access to the Internet

Digital divide is the gap that exists between individuals advantaged by the Internet and those disadvantaged by the lack of Internet. This lack of access has increased barriers to economic development, which has made poor countries even poorer. Even with Brazil having 170 million people and one of the 10 largest economies in the world, only China has a greater digital divide2.

Digital Inclusion has become a catch phrase for the new millennium among developing countries. Loosely defined as social integration that helps people find ways to integrate into the current information and technical space, it makes technology physically accessible to as many people as possible and makes user-friendly3.

Federal and state governments in Brazil understand that one of the problems of increasing Internet access requires state and private action. In 1992 Brazil started working toward digital inclusion. The first project was the opening of 13,000 telecenters projected for 2000 in areas that were rated low on the Human Development Index4. At that time Telebras, the state owned telecommunications provider, was privatized and the new management terminated the project. Today Brazil is committing tremendous resources to the construction of a national telecenter network that will democratize...
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