Glo-Bus Reflection

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The task and standards:
The glo-bus game is an online game developed by IBM and is short for globe business simulation game. It provides a competitive environment to all the participants and company’s managers. In glo-bus, 13 groups in an industry. Each group run a camera company with the same start condition, they need to make their own decision to defeated other groups and meet the investors expectation. The camera company was divided into four main regions such as Europe-Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and North America. In every region we have to maintain certain factor such as ROE, Net profit, EPS, S/Q rating, Net profit, Revenue, Cash flow etc. The aim of this game is used what we learnt in the class and practice our manage skills. This game last for a whole semester, each week we need to make a decision for next year (in glo-bus, one year equate one week in reality).

My Achievement:
The glo-bus game was itself an achievement for me. As it was an online game and required lots of input to gain knowledge. After applying different strategies our company progress a lot. glo-bus game is a real time game so I learnt how to play it to achieve an effective result. All other achievements are as below.

1. I gained real time business game playing experience. 2. How the minor modification can change the whole impact of your company. 3. The important thing I learnt is game strategy.

4. I developed multitask handling skill.
5. Group collaboration and team work is also developed from the game. 6. I also learnt the marketing strategies from glo-bus game. 7. First time I have done real time business game experience as an academic task . 8. Our company was stood on top 100 world’s company on the ROE factor.

My new transferable skill

Reflection 1
Context: Previously I organize the meetings, but half of the group members were not there due to some different reasons.

Activating Experience:
I decided to create a virtual group and keep contact with all members this was a beneficial to my group. Belief:
We failed to read the whole participant’s guide because there were too much things to read. Meanwhile I need to think about our strategy for next week. Consequence:
In the first meeting, our group had to re-read the participant guide. We spent much more time on the meeting than we expected. Dispute:
After doing this I got their reviews and response on every task. Then after it was totally a good group communication and team work.

Reflection 2
It was the first time we met the group members and discussed about the whole project. Activating Experience, I had no ideas about the whole Glo-bus system because I have not checked it online and I was shamed about that during the whole meeting process. Belief

I thought it would not be too late for me to start from listening to others’ ideas and get information about the Glo-bus. Consequence
There exist too many professional skills and settings for the Glo-bus and my group mates just do not have time to discuss with me because there are too many decisions to make. So I just sit there and look at their acting for the whole group meeting and I felt really awkward about my fault. Dispute

I told myself that this cannot be happening again in the later meeting because I am not only wasting my time but the whole group’s.

Reflection 3
Although we did an excellent job for first two years, we were 2th in regulation game. However, I made a bad decision to increase the profit. Activating Experience:
In the game, we were 3rd and 2nd for the first year and the second year, but 7th to the third year. Belief:
I made final the decision for our result. Therefore I thought I can use the same strategy for the after beginning of the game and we could still have a good performance. Consequence:
My group did not do as well as we expected. We were only 7th for the years after the year 8 in the game. We met some...
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