Glo-Bus 2012 Quiz 1

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Which of the following currencies are not involved in affecting the revenues your company receives on camera shipments to retailers in the four geographic regions of the world where it markets cameras?| |

| Euros|
| Swiss francs, South African rand, Chilean pesos, and Turkish lira| |
| U.S. dollars|
| Brazilian real and Taiwan dollars.|
| Singapore dollars------------------------------------------------- Top of Form The decisions that company co-managers make each year are organized around| |
| supply chain management, assembly, human resources, sales and marketing, customer service, and finance.| |
| components production, assembly, sales and marketing, customer service, and cash flow management.| |
| new product R&D, components production, work force management, sales and marketing, and finance.| |
| marketing, product design, assembly/shipping, compensation and labor force, and finance.| |
| components production and assembly, distribution and retailer relations, advertising and promotion, customer service, and accounting.| Bottom of Form Which of the following most accurately describes your company’s production/assembly operations?| |

| The company makes most all of its camera components in-house and assembles cameras on a 100-person assembly line at the rate of 2,000 per hour. Assembly costs are $2 per camera.| |
| The company assembles entry-level cameras in-house using components that are made by a subsidiary; multi-featured cameras are outsourced from contract suppliers and are made to company specifications.| |

| Most all camera components are sourced from outside suppliers having plants or distribution centers near the company’s assembly facility; the company uses workstations staffed by 4-person teams to assemble cameras. In the most recent year, the current productivity of the assembly teams was 2,500 cameras per quarter or 10,000 per year. Some cameras are outsourced from contract assemblers that are paid a $25 fee for each camera assembled.| |

| The company operates a plant to makes the needed camera components and in an adjoining building assembles the components into finished cameras using 5-person teams working two shifts daily. The teams assemble 5,000 cameras per year at a cost of $5 per camera.| |

| About 75% of the cameras are assembled in-house by 4-person teams using company-produced components. In-house assembly averages $3.50 per camera. About 25% of the cameras are outsourced from nearby camera assembly companies that are paid $3.75 per camera assembled. Most of the cameras outsourcing occurs in Quarter 3 of each year when retailer demand is at its peak.| -------------------------------------------------

Top of Form The factors that affect a company’s P/Q rating include:| |
| camera performance and quality.|
| performance features and camera quality.|
| the caliber of core components; a company'’s cumulative spending for new product R&D, engineering and design; the number of models; camera body ergonomics/durability; and the number of special utility features.| |

| how far a company’s price is above the industry average, PAT productivity, warranty costs, and the percentage of cameras outsourced from contract assemblers.| |
| the size of incentive bonuses paid to workers for defect-free assembly, warrant claim rates, the age of assembly workstations, camera quality, and picture quality.| Bottom of Form Camera demand is seasonal with|

| about 15% of consumer demand coming in quarter 1, 20% in quarter 2, 25% in quarter 3, and 40% in quarter 4.| |
| about 25% of consumer demand coming in quarter 1, 15% in quarter 2, 30% in quarter 3, and 30% in quarter 4.| |
| about 10% of consumer demand coming in quarter 1, 20% in quarter 2, 30% in quarter 3, and 40% in quarter 4.| |
| about 20% of consumer demand coming in quarter 1, 20% in...
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