Topics: 21st century, Employment, White-collar worker Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Shivani Jani
Eng 121- 41

In This Article “I feel so damn lucky” the author tom peters, who is a well-known management consultant, writer and a speaker, At the very beginning of the article, the author seems to be taking a very negative take on how the 21st century is going to change the “white collar work place”. He describes it as “intrusive, pervasive, or merely ubiquitous”. He further goes on to explain what people can do to adapt to the new environment and take on new roles. The author seemed to be very sarcastic and judgmental tone in this text. The workplace is changing so fast it’s almost hard for the colleges and people to keep up with the work. Companies are looking for the best of any group. With the world so connected today companies can search over the globe and having a vast selection. The purpose of this essay is to inform the reader and give him or her tips on how to stay important in their job by using technology and building up their abilities to their employers. Also, it is to tell the reader that the while collar corporate world is changing and changing fast. The essay was meant to explain how jobs of the past have been evolved personally and technologically and how they are changing today. It also refers to the minimal skills needed to be a 21st century office worker. The skills he describes as being “survival skills”, are very necessary in order to achieve success in career and life. Having knowledge of technology, having connections, and being your personal “promoter” are just a few that he describes in the article. Competition is constant among people in the working field, so acquiring these skills is vital. How technology is always changing, and changing the work place. Everything he lists that helps you succeed in the working world is true, especially knowing people.  The most important skill that he points out is “Love of Technology”. In the...
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