Glg 101 Week Nine Questions

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  • Published : January 12, 2012
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1. I believe if imports were to be cutoff my available money would be less. The reason for this is because gas prices would go a lot. When gas prices go up dramatically it causes everything to go up. Even the milk man charges more for milk because it cost him more to bring the milk to the supermarket. My family would not be able to go our yearly vacation in the summer because of the gas prices. We would have to get everything in one trip so that we would not have to drive as often.

2.2.I believe that the world oil peak production is almost at its peak now. I think within the next 3 to 10 years it will be. I think we should all leave oil before it leaves us.

3.If I was a part of a team of exploration geologists looking for cooper deposits, I would focus my search on Chile and United States is the top two spots to find copper. Arizona, Utah and New Mexico is the top three in United States.

4.I believe that we will have both population problem and a resource problem in the near future. We have over 300 million people living in United States and this including the immigrants that we do not know that is over here. We will have a

5. It makes you think and worry about how you are going to get natural resources because the supply is running thin and soon we will be limited on all the resources because of the high demand in this country let alone the whole world.
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