Glaxosmithkline: Application for a Job

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  • Published : December 27, 2011
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What appeals to you about a career with GSK
I wish to apply for a placement with GSK as advertised through the Loughborough University careers centre. I have a desire to submerge myself in the various areas of information technology GSK will place me and believe I have the range of Business and Technology skills for fulfilling each role. My Undergraduate degree in Information Technology Management For Business has motivated me to aspire to work in an ever-changing industry where I will be pushed on a daily basis to improve my knowledge and skills in the field. I have been involved in the designing and implementation of technical solutions for clients to solve their business problems within my degree and love the challenge of working within teams and applying my leadership skills.

The statement “We’ve made it our mission to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer” couldn’t suit me more. I am extremely passionate about physical activity and the necessary steps that it takes for someone to reach their full potential, ultimately this transfers to a more productive state of mind and I would be proud to say I work for company promoting this.

Why have you decided to apply for the IT industrial placement programme

I believe I have the drive, skills and enthusiasm to make a valuable contribution to GSK during an industrial placement. I am currently undertaking a double module in “Team Projects” where our team is in the process of completing a year long project for a client. I was asked to lead the project and noticed a discrepancy and was able to navigate the programming side of the team away from making the solution just look good, to a solution addressing client's needs and requirements first. As a result I am constantly reviewing the suggested solution in relation to the client’s needs and requirements. This has enabled us to complete the first deliverable to a high standard and this was presented to...
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