Glasses vs Contacts

Topics: Eye, Myopia, Cornea Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: February 10, 2008
When poor vision is the problem, glasses or contacts are the solution. Though they both correct poor vision, are available for medical needs or vanity, and are removed before sleep, they also have many differences, such as their care procedures, disadvantages, and appearance. These similarities and differences and be used to distinguish a preference between the both of them.

Correcting poor vision is one major aspect both glasses and contacts share. They are available in many varieties for all types of vision correction problems, and both are tremendously successful in repairing these problems. Both contacts and glasses have a remedy for vision problems such as focusing, astigmatism, far sidedness, near sidedness, and each are available in bifocals.

Another similarity is the fact that contacts and glasses can be used for both medical and vanity needs. Some contacts are bought specifically to enhance the eye, and the same with glasses. These such contacts are available in a variety of colors, such as blue, green, teal, and lavender, and even several designs, like smiley faces, cat eyes, and flowers. Just as these contacts, glasses are also available in many colors and styles, and may be prescription or only for looks.

Removal of glasses and contacts at night is another similarity. Before going to bed, glasses and contacts should be removed and placed in the proper storage area to maintain eye health and care of the product. If not done, contacts may become too dry and irritate the eyes, and glasses may become bent or distorted in some way.

Glasses and contacts share separate care procedures. Glasses are to be cleaned properly with an eyeglass cleansing cloth using lens cleaner, and stored in a large case. In contrast, contacts are simply removed and placed in small containers of contact solution, then sealed tightly until next use.

Glasses and contacts also contrast in their disadvantages. While glasses are defected by small scratches on the lens,...
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