Glass Slipper Essay

Topics: Need, Want, 2009 singles Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Lauren Broccardo
Ms. Ayoub
English 1, Period 3
3 October 2012
Relationships are hard for some people, but for others they know exactly what they want and looking for. People are going to make mistakes and in relationships, but sometimes there luck turns around and they start a relationship. In the short story “The Glass Slipper,” by Alan Armer and Walter E. Grauman, the two main characters are Smitty and Duchess. They both meet each other at the YMCA dance and introduce each other from there. Smitty and Duchess will not end up together at the end because they both are living their lives on lies. By way of example, Duchess asks Smitty with an attitude: “Ain’t you going to drive me home, Smitty” (Armer, Grauman 1)? Smitty responds politely : “No, I got to catch the 12:30 cross-town” (2).Considering this Smitty never offered to give Duchess a ride home so clearly does not want to hang out with her. Duchess was surprised that he did not offer her a ride home because normally gentlemen offer the woman a ride home to be polite. For one thing, Smitty recalls to Duchess by saying: “I’ll call you Duchess. Any day know” (3). Duchess replies with the seriousness in her voice: “You promise you won’t forget” (3). Smitty responds “I won’t forget, Duchess. So long, Duchess” (3). Considering these quotes it seems that at the end Duchess and Smitty are to totally different people and they seem like nice people, but they are not meant for each other. Duchess does not believe that Smitty will call her and she needs to be able to trust Smitty that he will. If it turns out that he does not call her then it will set an example to Duchess that he does not want to date her, he might just want to stay friends. In conclusive relationships are hard, they never turn out the right way that’s why you have to wait to find the right person in your life. Even though it can be hard and challenging to find the right person, people need to build the strength to grow up and put...
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