Glass Menageries Paper

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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The Glass Menageries

Tennessee Williams used the theme of escape to propel the play Each of the characters have all there means to escape their life and deny the real world. Laura escapes is not to go nowhere and to stay with her glasses, she has too many self esteem issues so Laura tries to stay to herself a lot. Jim he uses his old high school life as an escape for him.

Amanda tries to use her past life to be happy of her everyday life. Tom now he goes out to the movies, drinks every night to try to escape his old life and his nagging mom. Mr. Winfield he fell in love with a long distance, he left his family a long time ago and has no contact with them. In The Glass Menagerie each one of them has tried to escape. Laura is a very interesting person she stays to herself a lot and she doesn’t talk much even when her mom pays for her to take a class. When Jim enters the play he thinks he can rewind and go back to his old life. Laura asks Jim to sign a paper while waiting for Jim to sign the paper Laura starts to daydream about their old life together. Jim and Laura end up dancing and they kiss and now Jim is no longer living in his old life anymore. Amanda was left by her husband and now she is a single mother of two children and lives in a very small apartment with her children. Amanda worries about her daughter’s future she is not willing to realize painful harsh reality of her present life. She is a great mother but her past makes her feel like her life is difficult.
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