Glass Ceiling Prevailing and Increasing in Organizations

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  • Published : July 22, 2012
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Q: Which research design suits your research topic and why?
Our research construct is glass ceiling prevailing and increasing in the organizations. Therefore, our research question is “how to break glass ceiling?” RESEARCH DESIGNS:
There are five basic research designs according to which one can conduct his/her research. These research designs are: 1. Experimental design
2. Longitudinal design
3. Explanatory design
4. Cross sectional design
5. Case study design

Keeping in consideration all other methods and designs, we think that cross sectional design suits our research topic. Cross sectional design may be defined as “A basic type of research method in which a large cross-section of the population is studied at one specific time and the differences between individual groups within the population compared.” The most important advantage of cross sectional studies is that in general they are quick and cheap. As there is no follow up, fewer resources are required to run the study. Cross sectional studies are the best way to determine prevalence and are useful at identifying associations that can then be more rigorously studied using a cohort study or randomized controlled study. Cross-sectional surveys can be conducted using any mode of data collection, including telephone interviews in which landline telephones are called, telephone interviews in which cell phones are called, face-to-face interviews, mailed questionnaires.

Cross-sectional studies are observational in nature and are known as descriptive research, not causal or relational. Researchers record the information that is present in a population, but they do not manipulate variables. This type of research can be used to describe characteristics that exist in a population, but not to determine cause-and-effect relationships between different variables. These methods are often used to make inferences about...
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