“ Glass-Ceiling “ for the Local Employees Working in Mnc

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MGMT 485 Contemporary Topics in Human Resources Management

“ Glass-ceiling “ for the local employees working in MNC

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Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------- 3 - 5
Literature review ------------------------------------------------------ 6 - 22
Research ------------------------------------------------------------------ 22 - 3
Hypothesis -------------------------------------------------------- 22 - 23
Methodology ----------------------------------------------------- 23 - 29
Summary ---------------------------------------------------------- 29 - 31
Conclusion -------------------------------------------------------------- 31 - 32
Recommendations ------------------------------------------------------ 32
Limitations -------------------------------------------------------------- 33
References ------------------------------------------------------------- 34 - 35
Appendix --------------------------------------------------------------- 36 - 44

Along with the globalization of tradeoff and production, and the impact of global economy was driven, the transactional movement of labor will become more widespread and frequent. As a result of that there are increasingly Multinational Corporations were established in Macau. According to the Statistic and Census Service, nowadays, Macau’s population is about 576,700 people. A total of 344,000 people are in the employment labor force. The participation rate of labor force is 72.2%. In which the number of foreign workers is 109,038 people. In which the participation rate of male and female is 78.6%, 66.3% respectively in this year. ( Table 1 ) Table 1:

(Resource: http://www.dsec.gov.mo/default.aspx)
There are some MNCs in different industries in Macau. By gaming industry, there are Sheraton, Wynn, MGM, etc. By diet industry, there are McDonald’s, Pizza hut, etc. As well as by fashion industry, there are Esprit, Giordano, Bossini and so on. According to Statistic by industry, there are 26.4%-employed persons engaged in gaming and other services, 15.8% for the hotel and diet industry. By occupation, 27.2% is clerks who include casino dealers, betting service operators, etc. And 20.5% for service and sales staff, accounted for 17.3% of non-skilled workers. Table 2: (Distribution of employed population)

2009 2010 2011

(Resource: http://www.dsec.gov.mo/default.aspx)
Above the table show that, the percentage of gaming industry is constantly increasing during last few years. Table 3:(annually expatriates) 2009 2010 2011 (Resource: http://www.dsec.gov.mo/default.aspx)

Table 4:

Many MNCs would employ local workers and foreigners in operation. Above the table, during the last few years, Macau MNCs require that imported the foreign workers or expatriates who come from Mainland China, Philippian, and Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. Because the labor imports not only alleviate the pressure of wage inflation, but also strengthen the Macau’s competitiveness. On the other hand, importation of foreign labor to suppress the rising in wage costs is considered to be cheap labor resources.

Literature review --- Glass-ceiling for local employees in MNCs * Comparison of expatriate and local employment in MNCs
Along with the globalization of business markets, more organizations are turning to multinational corporations (MNCs). Extant literature has explored the relative advantages and disadvantages of each type of manager with the thinking being that each MNC has to determine its own optimal mix of candidates for conducting operations in specific host countries. Latest surveys confirm the continuing usage of long-term as well as short-term expatriate assignments and expect an increasing use of expatriates particularly in North America, Europe and China (Brookfield Global Relocation...
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