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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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In the Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls describes her childhood and her views of the world as she grew up. She pushed herself through poverty to eventually become successful. Throughout the book, Jeannette describes her horrific ordeals and crazy adventures her family had. They moved to dozens of different places and even lived in the family car for some time. The Glass Castle shows Jeannette’s power of forgiveness, a common theme in the book.

At age three, Jeannette was cooking hotdogs and burned herself. She had to go to the hospital to get treated. She really liked the hospital and enjoyed the time away from home. However, towards the end of her stay, her father, Rex Walls, took her out of the hospital early to avoid paying the bills. She does not become afraid of fire, even though it burnt her. Soon after, Rex tells the family to pack up what they can so they can go on an adventure, when in reality they are running from bill collectors. The family packs up and leaves in the car. Thus begins their journey which will make up the backbone of Jeannette’s life.

The Walls travel from city to city trying to keep a low profile. Jeannette’s mom and dad become con artists in order get money to spend selfishly. The children sleep in cardboard boxes in animal and bug infested houses, and are at one point forced to steal from other kids’ lunches in order to eat. For Jeannette’s 10th birthday, she asks her dad to stop drinking; which he does for a few days, then gets drunk and beats the kids. Years later, after the family has moved to Welch where Rex’s family lives, Jeannette is offered as payment by her father, for losing a billiards game at a local bar. The man who won tried to rape her, but she managed to escape. This instance, among many others, have changed Jeannette’s view of her parents from heroes to crooks, and her showed ability to forgive them for their wrongs. Reaction

When Jeannette was burned at age three, I thought her parents were neglectful....
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