Glass Castle Questions

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The Glass Castle

1. There were so many memorable stories in The Glass Castle. One of the most shocking moments was when they lived in Phoenix and she woke up while a random man was touching her. Another shocking moment was when her uncle touched her and her mother pitied him, not her. One of the most inspiring moments was when Jeanette knew they couldn’t afford braces, so she made her own. When she told Mrs. Sanders, the woman she babysat for, to take Lori instead was another inspiring moment for me. A funny moment to me was when Billy Deel came to their house in Battle Mountain with a BB gun, so Lori brought down their dad’s real gun and shot at his feet to make him jump. Another funny moment was at the end of the book when Rose Mary jumps into the pool with all her clothes on.

2. To me, the glass castle represented her relationship with her father. So, when he came in with the plans before she left, she told him she didn’t think he’d ever build it, that they would never have their perfect relationship.

3. I think she opened with this story because it gives you an idea of her parent and their beliefs. It sets the stage for the rest of the memoir because you know what kind of people they are and how they treat and handle things and people.

4. I was not surprised Jeanette and her siblings remained close to their parents. I feel this is because, growing up, they were the ones taking care of their parents and they feel they still need to.

5. I think Jeanette Walls inherited her dad’s persistence, intellect, and wit. I believe she inherited her mother’s creativity and pride. I think they shaped her life by allowing her to be independent, be strong through whatever was thrown at her, and standup for herself and her family.
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