Glass Castle by Jenette Walls

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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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Wall’s Parents Philosophy on Life

The Glass Castle, a memoir by Jeannette Walls reveals one look into a dysfunctional family. This personal memoir is full of lessons of redemption and reliance for all. Jeannette and her siblings thrived with parents whose beliefs and stubborn ways of life, changed their children’s’ lives forever. Though their parent’s dreadful actions, the children tried to fend for them. Rex, a very brilliant man, when sober and Rose Mary, an inspirational artist, when not a panhandler risked their own lives daily. Even though Rex and Rose Mary’s lives were unstable at times, they would instill lessons into their children. Their philophies in life I believe relied on one another, which taught their children some valuable morals. Wall’s parents’ philosophies on life was to encourage self-sufficiency, self-reliance, to dream big, live life to its extent and to embrace life fearlessly. Even though the parents believed in these standards, they never truly lived by the above.

Rex and Rose Mary Walls always tried to encourage self-sufficiency in their children. Even though the book portrays her parents as greedy, evil people, they taught Jeannette how to live her life for the better. All the family members were determined on being happy in life. Even though Rex always came home drunk and abused his children, he later on gets his life back on track, when his children are living on their own. Rose Mary panhandles for money along the streets with many other citizens from the community. She searches through garbage cans when unstable, just to see if she can scrounge any items that might be convenient. Sometimes the family lives out on the streets, being asked if they need any help by total strangers, but Jeanette’s parents refuse. Through these actions, evidence can be seen that children who are struggling with poverty can try to accomplish self-sufficiency and live a better life in the future. Even though their parents might never succeed in...
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