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Glass Casle

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Book Review Final|
The Glass Castle


The book I chose to do my paper on is ‘The Glass Castle’ by Jeannette Walls. I found this book to be an easy read. What I mean by that is the book was written in chronological order as the Walls family life unfolded, making it easy to follow and the author kept me well interested in the characters. I would like to identify myself with Jeannette Walls, mainly because the story is written about her life in first person. Therefore, I as the reader get a good inside look into her life. I think that according to most social norms the Walls lived a sad and dysfunctional life. The family didn’t have much money and according to the norms here in America, they lived in poverty. Jeannette’s father was an alcoholic who taught his children geology when he was sober but turned into a lying, stealing, and untrusting monster when he drank. Jeannette’s mother appeared to have the IQ of a 4 year old with her crazy ideas on pursuing a life as an artist and not seeming to really want to take on the role of a mother and care for her children. Jeannette also has an older brother (Brian) and sister (Lori) along with a younger sister (Maureene). Throughout the story Jeannette shows strength, determination, hopefulness, and courage. I think in order for survival Jeannette carries these personality traits. When coming from such hardship our survival instincts kick in and we can show tremendous power. I feel that if she had not had such amazing strength she may not have survived the burns she endured when she was three years old; attempting to heat hotdogs over the stove. I think she also feels the need to show strength for her father. As a young child, we often feel the need to impress our parents and or live up their expectations. I think that in many ways Jeannette didn’t want to disappoint her father whom she had tremendous respect for. I relate to her in this same way. Many times growing up I...

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