Glasgow Coma Scale Presentation

Topics: Consciousness, Glasgow Coma Scale, Patient Pages: 3 (424 words) Published: January 7, 2013
The Glasgow Coma Score (Teasdale and Jennet 1974) is a scale used to assess a patients conscious level.

A score is allocated for different behaviours (eye opening, verbal response, best motor response). These are based on awareness, arousal and activity.

It is quick, objective and easily interpreted.

A score of 15 indicates that the patient is fully alert and responsive and a score of 3 indicates unconsciousness

|Category |Score |Response | |Eye opening | | | |Spontaneous |4 |Eyes open spontaneously without stimulation | |To speech |3 |Eyes open to verbal stimulation (normal, | | | |rasied or repeated_ | |To pain |2 |Eyes open with painful/noxious stimuli | |None |1 |No eye opening regardless | |Verbal response | | | |Orientated |5 |Able to give accurate information regarding | | | |time, person and place | |Confused |4 |Able to answer in sentences using correct | |...
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