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Recently, more and more people have tend to associate their holiday with the number of hotel stars. Instead, they seek communion with nature, romantic adventure and eco-tourism. However, not everyone is willing to their nights camping, trying to sleep in a sleeping bag on the cold ground. Welcome to the world of Glamping - glamorous camping! These cozy little houses such as ice huts and dens contain the most essential conditions for a comfortable stay. Their inhabitants will feel like loggers in Siberia, fishermen in Canada or Alaska gold diggers!

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Sometimes in the tented resorts there are even beauty salons, restaurants, and reception areas. Not everyone can afford this kind of holiday. In general Glamping an opportune suits wealthy people who love outdoor recreation, but experiencing discomfort from the "wild" life. Yurtcamp Devon is the ultimate glamorous camping, or Glamping, experience for those who seek the simplicity of living under canvas without giving up the quality and comfort of more conventional holidays. Market segmentation is a marketing concept which divides the complete market set up into smaller subsets comprising of consumers with a similar taste, demand and preference. Overall Glamping is a luxury product for wealthy people who have a regular income and allow themselves a holiday trip more than once per year.Yurtcamp Devon attracts the most attention from tourists who have already been on at least a few holiday trips. According to a survey made via Facebook, people who have never been on holiday overseas are more likely to choose a package holiday in hot countries such as Turkey or Maljorka.This is because it suppose to be simple and popular in modern society. Cultural factors does not seem to play significant role in Glamping services, but recent research shows that glamour camping services are most popular in Europe and the USA. Yurtcamp Devon is located in South Devon in the United Kingdom. This means that it visitors are likely to be from the United Kingdom and West Europe. Yurtcamp Devon is like a small town with twenty contemporary yurts, fire pits, cafes and bars. It is a perfect place to spend a holiday or some kind of special occation for a family or group of friends. Yurtcamp is particulary popular with young families with children. Yurts have all the facilities which are essential for parents and children. There are attractions for the latter, what is more important the camp is a safe environment enabling them to run around the whole camp freely. Because the camp is located far away from the city it is also extremely popular with couples and groups of friends who want to celebrate special occasion such as wedding or birthday party as far away as possible from city noise. The camp is surrounded by lakes which is why active recreation lovers are frequent visitors as well. All these people first of all are nature lovers and come to Yurtcamp Devon to enjoy nature, to get away from busy cities and to feel natures purity, but at the same time they do not want to experience discomfort while staying in the wilds. Human needs-consumer needs are the basic knowledge of all modern marketing concept. The key to a company‘s survival, profitability and growth in a highly competitive marketplace is its ability to identify and satisfy unfulfilled consumer needs better and sooner than the competition. Motivation is probably one of the most important factors in consumer behavior. Motivation is extremely strong force which motivaves consumer to act against product. Usually motivation consists of non-physical characteristics, but style, appearance and spirit that embody a certain product. In this case is an example of Charles Revon, builder of the Revon cosmetics empire. Charles started his business selling simple nail polish, but his fantasy and imagination this business became greatly successful. This man introduced idea that nail...
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