Glamour: An Exciting Allure

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  • Published : December 7, 2006
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It's an exciting allure, high-fashion good looks and a magical spell. By: Tracy Baker
BUS. Marketing

Glamour is defined as an exciting allure: an irresistible alluring quality that somebody or something possesses by more exciting, romantic, or fashionable than ordinary people or things. It's no wonder why the company Condé Nast Publications decided to use the word glamour as the title for one of their many magazines. In the Condé Nast website they state, "They put a premium on truth," by "they," they are talking about the world-renowned editors, writers and photographers that work for them. At first look of the magazine, the main thing you notice is the photographs of the picture perfect models and or celebrities that are featured on the cover. We all now know that these picture perfect models are not nearly perfect. They are just regular people like you and I who are falsely touched up, brushed up to look flawless. Ever heard the phrase "nothing's perfect," well that's just it, nothing is perfect, not even the models on the covers of the magazines. They may look perfect and flawless but it's all planned to look that way. These so called ideal bodies and captivating high-fashion good looks are just the tools of the trade to lure us into buying this so called picture perfect look. Not long ago, I too was also part of this glamour life. I would patiently wait for the monthly subscription of Glamour magazine, Elle Girl, and Allure, another magazine published by Condé Nast. I would always be looking forward to receive it because somehow I thought that by reading it, I would become just like the girls in the magazine; flawless and beautiful. Glamour magazine and other magazines such as this one tend to have the same type of articles and topic. These are some examples: Do's & Don'ts, horoscopes and fun, fashion and beauty, health and body, polls and quizzes, and last but not least sex and love. So I guess what...
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