Gladiator: Roman Empire and Movie

Topics: Roman Empire, William Wallace, Ancient Rome Pages: 3 (1026 words) Published: March 17, 2013
The movie Gladiator correctly portrays how life in Rome was really like in every way. First, it shows how the battles actually happened (except for the time of course because it is only a movie). It shows the armor that they would have probably worn back then. Also, before they begin to battle, the Romans shoot off a fire arrow to signal that they were ready to start battling. This would also have been done back then because they also wanted honor and surprise attacking the opponent would not give them this.

Also, another thing that the movie correctly displays is how the slaves were treated. In the movie, slaves were treated as if they were objects, not people. They were actually arguing over how much the guy would pay for the slaves just so he could force them to fight to the death. He paid more for the animals than he did for the people. That shows that the slaves were not only treated like animals, but were treated less than them and were worth less in the minds of people. This is how it was in Rome back then. Slaves were made to do all of the work whether they wanted to or not. Actually, this may have been one of the things that led to the downfall of Rome because they had no need to advance technologically because they could just make the slaves do all of the work.

Another thing that is portrayed very well in the movie is how the gladiator fights in the coliseum. In the movie they would do a number of different things: a reenactment of past battles, execution of prisoners, and gladiator fights. In the movie, there are examples of all three of these. Especially the gladiator fights, which is the task most of the time. Although, they reenacted the battle of Carthage and what probably wouldn’t happen in real-life Rome happened: the people representing Carthage won. In ancient Rome, they would have picked the worst people to represent Carthage and the best to represent Rome so that there would be no chance of losing.

The movie did however...
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