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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Jake Clouatre
ENGL 1010- 18N
Mrs. Norwood
20 October 2011
Gladiator’s Reign Among Movies
Every year movies are produced throughout the world, but only a few of them can really be considered a good movie. Qualities of a good movie consist of having a good plot, outstanding actors, the ability to attract the audience, touch the audience’s feelings, etc. Gladiator was awarded five Academy Awards including Best Actor. Russell Crowe was an excellent choice to represent Maximus. His ability to attract the audience is a key factor in the success of Gladiator. Throughout the movie, emotions ran high especially for Maximus. Gladiator is the story of a Roman soldier, who was once loved by Rome, and was sold into slavery and must fight his way back to freedom in gladiatorial games.

The plot is a very interesting topic. Maximus keeps going back and forth from the real world to “heaven.” At the very beginning of the movie it starts off with a scene in “heaven” which is foreshadowing the end of the movie. It seems as though Maximus wants to be in heaven since he keeps envisioning it throughout the movie. Russell Crowe has starred in 5 major movies from 1997-2003. He was an excellent pick for the role of Maximus. He was able to change his emotions by being a tough, strong gladiator and at the change of a moment a caring, loving father to his family. The battles of Germania and the gladiatorial games were a huge attraction. They consisted of fighting and killing, which involves a lot of action. A lot of action can help keep the audience interested throughout the movie. Emotions play a key contributor throughout the movie. Maximus and Commodus experience some tough challenges especially in the beginning of the movie. The emotions get higher as the movie goes on. A good plot, outstanding actors, the ability to attract the audience, touch the audience’s feelings makes Gladiator a successful movie.

First, Gladiator is all about power. Maximus knows how dangerous power...
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