Topics: Marcus Aurelius, Roman Empire, Commodus Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: May 31, 2012
Gladiator: The Roman Man

Gladiator is set during the peak of the Roman Empire (180 AD). The story revolves around Maximus, one of the best General's in Emperor Marcus Aurelius' army. The emperor is dying and makes his wishes known that Maximus be his successor instead of his son Commodus . As you might expect, going through life with a name like Commodus, and then being passed over by his own father doesn't look good. He orders the death of Maximus, who manages to escape and become a gladiator while hiding his identity. He will attempt to return to Rome to ultimately seek his revenge. This film a historical epic movie that is base on the Roman Empire. The first thing that strikes us as Maximus being a hero is his values. Maximus showed many mixed values throughout the movie, one of them being his family values. Maximus loved his family more than anything in the world. His family was his motivation. When his family was murdered, this main motivation evolved into revenge. Revenge urged him along, however, this did not make him a more violent person. In fact, revenge made him a humble, more gullible person. During the course of the film, Maximus kept most of his emotions within himself. This personal characteristic contributes to the fact that he is a hero. A hero cannot show emotion towards enemies or anything around him as he is required to be well focused on the task ahead, in this case, in the saving of Rome. The people of Rome urged Maximus on to rebel against Commodus. Maximus took this small striving power to take on something he never dreamed of defeating, the emperor of Rome. All Maximus wanted, when he became a gladiator, was to do the right thing by Rome. In his quote: “Brothers, what we do in life echoes in eternity.” Maximus is proving that he valued his legacy. He understood that the actions he took and the decisions he made during his life could have far greater consequences after he passed away. He fought in battles and conquered civilizations...
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