Glacier and Soap Surface Conclusion

Topics: Glacier, Erosion, Glaciology Pages: 2 (382 words) Published: August 30, 2012
Minh Tran 12/21/10
Mrs. Haber Science

Problem: How do glaciers erode?

Information: Erosion is the process in which rocks are broken down with other substances at the Earth’s surface. There are five agents of erosion, and the one agent used in this experiment are glaciers. Glaciers are large masses of ice that move slowly over land. There are two types of glaciers. Continental glaciers are glaciers that cover much of a continent or large island. Valley glaciers are long, narrow glaciers that form when snow and ice build up high in a mountain valley. Glacial erosion occurs in two processes. Plucking is when a glacier flows over the land, and it picks up rocks in the process. The other process of glacial erosion is abrasion, where the smaller rocks frozen in ice scratch over the surface. In this experiment, we’re going to test the process of glacial erosion, by creating a model glacier and grind it against a bar of soap, acting as a ground floor.

Hypothesis: If I use sand and ice as a glacier, and rub it against soap to represent movement, then I will observe the till being left away by the process of abrasion.

Sand frozen in ice
Cup of ice
Bar of soap
Paper towels
Pair of scissors (optional)

1. Freeze the sand with ice in a cup
2. Place paper towels and bar of soap over it.
3. Use scissors to cut paper cup off the ice block. (Method #2 not recommended) Slam the cup into the table for the ice block to come out. 4. Grind the ice block into the bar of soap and observe the results.

- Till left behind by glacier
- Glacier leaves off sand deposit
- Ice melted and leaves water
- Water runs off into soap bar and erodes soap
- Scratches on soap surface

As my results have shown, my hypothesis was correct. By rubbing the ice block against the bar of soap, I was able to observe the till being left behind by...
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