Glacial Melting

Topics: Global warming, Carbon dioxide, Glacier Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Gabriela Gomez

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Glacial Melting

Climate change has been an ongoing issue in the world today. The earth is getting warmer every year and it is affecting our water and food supply significantly. It is becoming a major concern and it is our job to do our parts to prevent resource shortage due to global warming. After viewing the video of the impact that global warming has on glaciers, and the article on the Tibetan Plateau in Asia, it is clear that those assets link to our economy and life in different ways. Glacial melting is happening at a faster than expected rate, not just because the world’s climate is increasing, but because we as humans have a great impact on it as well. Fossil fuels are the main cause of global warming. Burning carbon is one of the largest contributors to global warming because carbon dioxide is released into the open air. According to the PBS documentary on the impacts of global warming on glaciers, in 2020, glaciers will be mostly gone unless something is done differently to prevent unhealthy emissions of fossil fuels into the open air. The world relies on these glaciers whether we like it or not. More than 500,000 people rely on irrigation from glaciers. If glaciers are gone, then farmers will have to rely on imports, which will cause a significant rise in prices of food. Water shortages and crop shortages will happen if glaciers disappear more and more. Although it is difficult to monitor the glaciers and mountains because they are difficult to reach, it is evident that the ice and glaciers have receded dramatically in the last decades. Ice melts with every single degree. Decade by decade the glaciers fade and by 2030, they will be completely gone, which is scary to our economy and water and food supply. Moreover, melting of the Himalayan glaciers also will cause the same effects as mentioned above—food prices will rise because population will grow, water will start to end from glaciers, and...
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