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Facts about Andres Bonifacio
1.) His complete name is Andres Castro Bonifacio and he was born on November 30, 1863 and died at a young age of 33. 2.) Bonifacio, whose mother was a Spanish mestiza, was born in Tondo, Manila. 3.) His formal education was very limited because of his parents’ death when he was only 14. 4.) He was an avid reader too and has read numerous books like the French Revolution, Biographies of US Presidents and many others. 5.) As the eldest, he had to drop out from school in order to support his siblings. 6.) Bonifacio was able to experienced working several odd jobs such as messenger, salesman and, warehouseman. He was also a businessman selling fans and canes. 7.) He founded the revolutionary movement known as KKK and was its supreme leader which sought for independence from the Spaniards. 8.) Bonifacio and Jose Rizal are commonly considered “national heroes” although none of them were recognized through legislation as such. 9.) Not known to many Filipinos, some historians regarded him as the “first president of the Philippines. 10.) Andres Bonifacio and Greogoria De Jesus were married at the historic Binondo Church in 1893. 11.) Bonifacio was executed in 1897 and after more than a year his wife Gregoria. 12.) Bonifacio wrote the poem “Pag-ibig sa Lupang Tinubuan” (Love of Homeland) under the pseudonym Agapito Bagumbayan. 13.) Andres and Gregoria had a son named Andres but died of smallpox. 14.) Bonifacio was a Freemason and a member of La Liga Filipina which was established by Jose Rizal. 15.) Aguinaldo had the Bonifacio brothers executed because they were his rivals all the accusations against him were fabricated.

Next, we will discuss about the literary works of Bonifacio.

Works of Bonifacio

Katapusang Hibik Ng Pilipinas
Sumikat na Ina sa sinisilangan 
ang araw ng poot ng Katagalugan, 
tatlong daang taong aming iningatan 
sa dagat ng dusa ng karalitaan. 

Walang isinuhay kaming iyong anak 
sa bagyong masasal ng...
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