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Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning|
NIKE Nepal segmentation, targeting, positioning|
Nawaraj Gurung|

This assignment is about the segmentation, targeting, positioning of NIKE Company.| Submitted By: Submitted To: Nawaraj Gurung Deborah Grieve Student id: 1222074 Department of Marketing BA (Hons) Business Administration Marketing Management BU4601

i. Introduction
ii. NIKE in Nepal
iii. Segmentation, targeting, positioning
iv. Market segmentation (economic segmentation, demographic segmentation, geographical segmentation) v. Targeting strategies
vi. Positioning (perceptual map)
vii. Promotional and communication strategies
viii. Conclusion

Nike is leading supplier of sportswear, athletic shoes and sports equipment in the world. Its main headquartered is in the Portland metropolitan area of Oregon, which is near Beaverton of USA. In 2007, it had collect about $ 16 billion USD revenue and similarly in 2008, it employed about 30,000 employed in the worldwide. Furthermore, in 1962, Nike Company was founded by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight and was originated as Blue Ribbon sports but later on, in 1978, it was renamed as ‘NIKE’. And which means ‘Greek goddess of victory’. Some of its products on its brand name are Nike Golf, Nike+, Nike skateboarding; Air Jordan, Nike Pro, Team starter and some of its subsidiaries products are Cole Haan, Umbro, Hurley International and converse. From 1995 to 2008 Bauer Hockey was owned by Nike and later on it was renamed as Nike Bauer. Nike marketing policy totally based upon its brand image, which is satisfactory and has developed as great multinational enterprises from long time, similarly its logo and slogan “Just Do It” is quite unique and different than others and it have been used as its advertising from long ago. Moreover, $ 100 million USD was invested worldwide in community – based sports initiatives and similarly they were supposed to invest $ 315 million USD for betterment of backward young player and to create chance for them to play and to make their future bright in game.

Nike was introduced in Nepal in 1998 and it’s headquarter is in Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. And for its better promotion and advertisement it was tied up with Nepal football coaching academy i.e. All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) in 2000. Similarly, it again became official sponsor of ANFA and it became ANFA’s kit sponsor by providing NRs.18crores (About 1.2 million £). SEGMENTATION, TARGETING and POSITIONING OF NIKE:

For long period of time it has been it market and thus it is using its good STP policy to promote and sell its product in market and due to its strong STP policy it is in number one supplier of sportswear and equipment. * MARKET SEGMENTATION:

Nepal’s NIKE marketing segmentation is segmented into many groups such as customers of different income levels, different age groups, genders and many more. Some its market segmentation types are mention below: * Economic segmentation:

Nepal’s NIKE have segmented their market as consumer earning more than NRS.15000 and as high, medium and low income levels that how they can meet or maintain their lifestyle with NIKE’s product. * Demographic segmentation:

Nepal’s NIKE Company has segment their market demographically into different age group, gender, and...
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