Giving Back to the Community

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Giving Back to the Community
Title of article: Lebron James: Promise of an education
Tuesday, August 21, 2012
NBA Cares pages 1-2

The article I have chosen is about LeBron James giving back to the community of Akron. He wants to decrease the dropout rate of students in school by motivating them to stay in school and study. The Akron school area has a dropout rate of 24 percent which is a lot of students giving up on their life and potentially becoming nothing. When LeBron launched this program called Wheels for Education he talked to 342 third graders because it is known for students to start giving up on school in third grade. LeBron spent some time with these young kids and the dropout rate decreased and over 92 percent of those students ended up finishing high school with a diploma. LeBron went through the same difficulties in his time as a high school student that is why he is trying to help these kids that are facing the same problem as him. LeBron himself now is a very accomplished citizen. He plays professional basketball for the Miami Heat and has won MVP and a NBA championship ring as well. LeBron has got two gold medals from the Olympics as well. He is a very outstanding player. The kids look at him like a remodel which is very great that he does what he does and gives back to the community by enforcing that studying is the key to success for the kids in Akron.

LeBron James who is a citizen is focusing on keeping kids in school till graduation. His program wheels for education has increased numerous kids to stay in school and graduate and even go to college after high school. LeBron is a remodel to children because of how good he is at basketball. All kids want to be like him, so for him to be a remodel for these children and motivate them to stay in school is all he has to do to convince the kids that staying in school is good. In my eyes LeBron surpasses the role of a citizen for how busy he is and the time he takes out for the...
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