Giving Back

Topics: Wealth, Poverty, Distribution of wealth Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Andrew Carnegie believed that the rich should come forward and take responsibility of their wealth. By saying this Carnegie means the wealthy should not be selfish and not just use their wealth to their own benefit. According to Carnegie those that have acquired great wealth generally have superior experience and wisdom; therefore it is those men and women that are best suited to distribute charity. The wealthy will have the intelligence and experience to know what to do with their profits to benefit others in the community in a virtuous way. Since a majority of wealth does in fact go to a small concentrated amount of people, the question is why are these people better suited to distribute charity? These wealthy people have money not just for competence, but rather a surplus of money that they can use for a greater good. Carnegie explains there are three different modes of distribution a man can put to use. The first mode described is to hand down their fortune to their first son. The second way is to simply hand over money to the underprivileged. The third mode is the best way of donating and according to Carnegie “Under (the third mode’s) sway we shall have an ideal state.” For the third mode the rich is to supply the less fortunate with the means to grow as people, to heighten ambitions, and raise their level of class through their own motivation. Carnegie believes that the rich must supply the poor not with money directly to their pockets but rather create institutions, community centers, and programs to aid them in prospering on their own. This is done through things such as building a public library. This aids a man more than a couple of dollars ever could; this gives the impoverished the ability to enhance their learning and opportunities with no cost to them. An average man would not have the wealth to build an institution such as a library and would only have the wealth to buy a poor man a few books instead. My father once told me “you can give a man a...
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