Givin a Million Dollars, but Can Not Spend It on Yourself

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  • Published : November 23, 2010
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If I was given a million dollars that could not be spent on myself, my main goal would be to have fun. I am sure there are tons of completely decent charities and organizations that could put a large cash donation to great use, but just giving away all that money to charity sounds completely BORING! I can think of some great ways to spend one million dollars, while having fun and helping people at the same time. This sounds like a great idea to me!

The first obstacle I would face is to find a way to have fun, but to not officially spend the money on myself. Then I would need to find a worthwhile candidate who would be willing to share a $250,000 gift with me. I’m hoping this person would take me to Italy and the French Riviera. This has to be why people have friends. I would write a check for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to Nathaniel Pardon, my best friend! Try to imagine your best friend in the world has just received a $250,000 sum of cash. Vacation time! We would bounce around Europe, stay in drastically expensive hotels, and see the sites.

Another part of our fun in Europe would be to host a street skateboarding competition at the local skate park. The winner would get a $100,000 grand prize, donated by me. The grand prize is enough money to draw all the professional skateboarders into the competiton. I would make some very impressive new friends. At the end of a three day competition a winner would be chosen and paid in cash. No corporate sponsors would be needed. What a lovely thought! All of this would be for the progression of the sport I love. This competition would help many people, skaters and friends alike; but most especially the winner.

With $650,000 left, I would return back to the U.S. to my family. There are some serious issues in my family that a lot of money could easily correct. My mother and little sister recently moved to Louisiana due to the recession in Detroit. In order to get my family back together, I would buy...
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