Givenchy by Ricardo Tisci, Fashion Art of 21 Century

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The description of the look...
Riccardo Tisci, the current designer of Givenchy is fascinated with Gothic touches (dark, languid dresses for fall couture) and space-age minimalism (one ready-to-wear show featured white-clad models drifting around a sterile-white sphere) He has drawn new attention to the Givenchy brand. Reviews and output so far have been mixed and inconsistent, but many, including influential fashion critics have supported Tisci with his conceptual leanings, as well as his future potential for revitalizing the Givenchy brand and giving it it his precision and imagination. Givenchy explained his fall-winter 2010-2011 menswear collection as being influenced by his deep Catholic roots: "Religion is a big part of my DNA and this collection was about my Catholic(ism) and every other religion in a way." Givenchy boss Marco Gobbetti says that Tisci’s work is full of elegance,very modern, very contemporary and romantic at the same time". Tisci has encountered great success, both critically and financially. Especially in the realm of Haute Couture, where Tisci asserts "When I arrived we had five customers. Now we have 29." Riccardo Tisci's runway presentations are highly stylized in terms of architecture and space. Tisci says of this; " My way of showing is very melancholic... I love romanticism and sensuality ‘’ Tisci, under Givenchy, designed the costumes for Madonna's Sticky and Sweet tour in 2008. In 2009, for the encore of the tour he designed another costume for the tours opening song Candy Shop. He also delivered customized clothing for Madonna when she's not on stage. This is how the designer himself explains his work :

Riccardo Tisci:
My work process at Givenchy is very intense. Day after day, we research a lot, but at the same time my approach is emotional. I do not base myself on what has been done. I am a very careful person, but in the end, my work in based on emotion and not reinterpretation. Especially in these days, it is hard to...
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