Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Institution Affiliation

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” by Patrick Henry

Althia Giles

201240 Fall 2012 HIUS 221-D54 LUO
Ms. Catherine Hardee
November 12, 2012

“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” by Patrick Henry

Henry’s Speech Was a Call to Action. What Did He Want His Fellow Virginians To Do? What Were His Justifications For The Proposed Action? How Did Henry Address The Concerns Of Those Who Did Not Agree With Him?

At the Second Virginia Convention held on 23rd March, 1775 in St. John’s Church, Richmond Virginia, Patrick Henry stood and addressed his fellow delegates regarding the defense and arming of Virginia State.[1] While some delegated supported the reconciliation with Britain while others rejected the demands of Britain, and Henry aimed at persuading his fellow Virginians to fight against Britain. Through the use of persuasion in his speech, Henry appealed to his audience’s emotions, and managed to convince them that England, the tyrant colonialist, had transformed its colonists into slaves, and that Americans has to fight to attain their freedom, or remain slaves of Britain.

Henry presents solid facts to justify his call for action throughout his speech. Henry tells his fellow delegates that Britain is ready for war and their men are already in the field, and that is why Americans cannot sit back and call for peace when there is no peace.[2] While America is in support of love and reconciliation, Britain, on the other hand, has brought fleets and armies on the American soil to suppress its colonies, as opposed to promoting piece. Therefore, it is justified for America to fight against Britain in order to be free from slavery.

Henry stated that the British troops were on American soil to bind and rivet the Americans on chains of slavery.[3] America prided in its potential for independence, and by painting America as a nation enslaved by Britain, Henry made his fellow delegates appreciate...
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